you suck.
you still suck.


"what can you do with an art history degree???"



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Katrin Korfmann (Berlin) “Ariel Images”

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in the new fairly oddparents movie

timmy turner dies

and becomes a fairy


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At home with Harrison Ford, 1978 

The only valid reason to time travel is to go back to the 1970’s and bang Harrison Ford. There is no other decent reason.  Fuck historical events! No, fuck Harrison Ford.

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Magnus Plessen

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1930’s Teen Delinquents

i.e. life role models

I’m just gonna reblog this again because it’s one of my favorite pictures ever.

That girl in the chair seems like such a badass I bet she was the leader of the crew.

I want to write about these girls.

When I was a teenager my mother found my grandmother’s (her mother) school scrapbook. It included things like photos, notes, and a two page spread of every demerit she ever received over the course of her formal education. Each of them set aside with little tags like she was so fucking proud of them. They were all for things like, “Unladylike behavior” or, “Skirt too short” or, “refuses to listen to authority”. I loved that spread so much.

I always have to reblog this.

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Antoine Cordet

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People posing next to the Statue of Liberty as it’s unpacked, 1886

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